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History Index

Ancient History General Resources
  Ancient China
  Ancient Egypt
  Ancient Greece
  Ancient Persia and Babylon
  Ancient Rome
  Ancient Sumer and Mesopotamia

American History General Resources
  African Americans
  American Indians
  American Civil War

Australian History General Resources
  Australian Aborigines History and Culture
  Australia in the 1920's
  Australians at war - general sites
  The Australian Homefront during World War II
  World War II - Australian involvement  
  Kokoda Trail
  Prisoners of war in Australia - WW II
  Vietnam war - Australian involvement
  Convict Settlement
  Federation of Australia
  Goldrush in Victoria
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Battle of Britain 

Classical Civilisations - General Resources 
  Ancient Greece
  Ancient Rome

China History
  Twentieth Century
  Ancient China

Family History

French Revolution


Global economy 1000 AD - 2000 AD

Irish History
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Medieval History - General Resources 
  The Black Death 
  The Crusades
  The Feudal System
  Japanese Feudalism and the Samurai
  King Arthur and his Knights 
  Medieval Castles
  The Norman Invasion
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Middle East History

Russian History - General Resources
  Russian Revolution

World War I 

World War II
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Political Ideologies

the Industrial Revolution