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Australians at War - General Sites

Anzac Commemorative Site
An award winning site designed by the Commonwealth Department of Veteran Affairs, it takes the viewer on a visit to Gallipoli, explains the interpretative panels at the Anzac Commemorative Site and discusses Australian involvement in war.

Australian defence involvement in conflicts
Includes facts on the Boer wars, World Wars I & II, Korea and Vietnam conflicts. From the National Archives of Australia

Australian involvement in war and conflict 1939 - 1945
From the Australian War Memorial, an account of the military campaigns of World War II. Click on Australians at War, then select Second World War. Related links to the Battle of Crete in 1941 and the conflict in Timor.

Australian War Diary - through the eyes of the warriors
Sections include diaries of those in the army, navy and air force; journalists; allies and poetry and prose relating to the Australian experience in the War.

AWM's Online Encyclopedia of the Wars
A wealth of information from desertion and the death penalty, pigeons in war, Cowra breakout to official world war photographs and recruiting posters.

Australian War Memorial - Online exhibitions
Include the following: 1918 - Australians in France; Out in the cold: australia's involvement in Korea; Forging the nation: Federation; Gallipolli 1915: The drama of the Dardanelles; Keeping the peace: the story of Australian peacekeepers; exhibitions of the works of Stella Bowen and Peter Churcher.
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Australia at War - Peter Dunn
Chapters on military units, camps and locations during WW2, prisoners of war and internment camps, the US army in Australia, women at war, aboriginal and islander defences, and a lot more.

ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee of Queensland site. Excellent links for education and history, including all the conflicts in which Australians have been involved: World Wars I & II, British Commonwealth Occupation Force, conflicts in Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf war and peace keeping operations.
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Picture Australia
Collection of digitised images collated into "trails" for specific themes. Select"picture trails" on the top right of the screen, then "military & war" for some excellent image collections.

Victorians at war - oral history project
Developed by the State Library of Victoria and the Dept of Veteran Affairs. Personal accounts of soldiers experiences.
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