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Australian Aborigines - History and Culture

ABC News Online - Indigenous issues.
Search by keyword for indigenous issues relating to current and past events. You can also search related ABC sites (Australian Story, Four Corners, 7:30 Report) for transcripts of news stories.

ABC Message stick.
ABC indigenous online site for events, issues, features and stories.

Arrente history and culture.
Explore the living history of Arrente culture, art, music and profiles of the regions artists.

Bringing them home:
The stolen children report. From the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commission. Contains background to the inquiry, personal stories, media releases. Links to native title, indigenous deaths in custody, and other current issues.

Frontier Education Online.
Designed to complement the TV series, this site explores Aboriginal history from the early years of European settlement to current events.

National Native Title Tribunal homepage.
Includes native title facts and agreements, media releases, fact sheets and links to the Federal Government.
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Land rights for the millenium. Australian aboriginals view of their land. A documentary timeline

World History Archives.
History of Australian Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders.

WWW Virtual Library.
Aboriginal history.
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