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Ancient China

Ancient China: Daily life in Ancient China

Ancient Chinese dynasties

Ancient Chinese History
From Minnesota State University e-museum.Ancient Chinese history from mythological times up until the imperial dynasties. Detailed articles, maps, pictures and a detailed timeline.

Exploring Ancient World Cultures - China

History of China index

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Qin Shi Huang, First Emperor of China

Encyclopedia dot com: Quin Shi Huang-Di

BBC News Magazine: Qin Shi Huang: The ruthless emperor who burned books

The British Museum: Leaders and Rulers - Qin Shihuangdi
There are three pages of information on this site, be sure to check further along for information about legalism.

Chinese Inventions

Chinese Inventions
A range of inventions: writing, porcelain, gunpowder, abacus, spinning wheel, etc., with approximate date of invention, a brief description and importance or impact today. Inventions, Innovations, and Other Contributions from Ancient China

Ten Great Ancient Chinese Inventions
These include the seed drill, row planting, compass, iron plow, ship's rudder and others.

Timeline of Chinese Inventions
Timeline also indicates the approximate time when the item or invention was received in the West

Inventors and Inventions from China and Taiwan

Great Chinese Inventions
How Chinese thinkers and tinkers changed the world

Chinese Inventors and Inventions

China: Ancient Arts and Sciences


Chinese Buddhism:
This is part of a series that examines Chinese belief systems: how people think and behave, philosophically and religiously.
Understanding Religion in late Imperial China - 1644-1911. This database looks at the origins of Buddhism.

This databases look at the history of Taoism and have quick links which are easily accessed.