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King Arthur and his Knights

Arthurian A-Z: WWW Arthurian Resource
King Arthur – Fact, Semi-fact or Myth? This collection of resources presents itself as a “crash course” for persons interested in drawing their own conclusions after sifting through the many Arthurian myths.

Bullfinch's mythology : The Age of Chivalry
Read in full-text these wonderful stories from the original Bullfinch's Mythology

In search of Britain's lost king

King Arthur : Britannia History
Great information, including basics on the legends, biographies of the principal characters, sources, texts, maps, and good links.

King Arthur's Legends

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

Knighthood, chivalry and tournaments resource library

Knights and armour
From , a list of sites relating to the life of knights, chivalry, heraldry, weapons and armour.